PT.PETROLOG INDAH Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

4th July, 2013

Corporate Social Responsibility is a program for external environment reflecting corporate social concern and responsibility. The challenges in implementing CSR is how we carry out an effective social function which is not  only seeking for profits through “packaging” of responsibility and social concern. Inspired by a sense of environment, PT.Petrolog Indah undertake programs to improving educational quality by doing following activities:

  • Provide building materials for renovation of SDN 008  in Handil, Kutai Kertanegara. Provision of materials such as cement, roofing, roofing cop, tiles, paint, plain glass. The materials were delivered directly and handed over to the Principal of SDN 008.
  • Facilitate Taman Pendidikan Agama and Kindergarten in Handil Base. This activity is participated by more than 20 children.