Solid Team

Petrolog has 300 employees. Most of them are located on the field, working for our customers particularly in the oil and gas sector.

Several efforts are continuously being carried out:

  • Conducting pre-job and safety briefing regularly of operators and field workers.
  • Improving ability and skill of employees by having them undergo relevant training.
  • Enrolling corporate and operations office staffs in training programs.
  • Upgrading tax, accounting, administration and communication skill of staffs

Petrolog appropriately selects the skill and expertise of its crane, forklift operators, foreman and riggers suitably followed by periodic evaluation and on-the-job training.

Thanks to the expertise, experience and skill, all of Petrolog’s workforce are prepared and ready to meet customer’s needs.

We strives to encourage the support of all personnel in their implementation of the Quality, Occupational Health and Safety Environmental (QHSE) policy and the achievement of their objectives.